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Enviromental Monitoring for Building Automation

Enviromental Monitoring in Telecom and Server Racks

Monitoring of Electric,  Gas, and Water Pulse Meters

We Believe in Offering Products Based On Open Communication Standards

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About Us

Our company's name, NeuroLogic Research, is a play on words derived from our expertise in using the Echelon Neuron chip which is an integral part of the LonWorks® technology. It is essentially a peer to peer communication protocol for measurement and control devices. We integrate state of the art measurement technologies with established digital and analog open communication interfaces such as LonWorks®, Modbus® and 4-20 mA. Our products ease the integration of real-time measurement information into existing and new automation and monitoring systems. Our customers are in Building Automation, Utility Metering, Telecom / Server Room Monitoring, as well as Humidity Monitoring and Control of Military Storage Facilities.

Our in-house surface-mount assembly equipment gives us tremendous flexibility in not only designing and manufacturing standard products, at our factory in the USA, but also generating new ones in a short period of time. Utilizing modern surface-mount technology ensures the highest possible quality, reliability, and cutting-edge performance. Work with us to make your project a success.

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